Disney’s Polynesian Resort Refurb Info: Blizzard Beach Complimentary, Nanea Pool Closed

Blizzard BeachThe feature pool at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is now closed and it will be until Spring of 2015, but that doesn’t mean guests at the resort will go without. Guests will receive complimentary entry to Blizzard Beach during their stay and here is some information you need to know.

As of July 28, 2014, the Nanea Volcano Pool and the area closed, and it’s not scheduled to reopen again for many months. Disney will be updating the area and pool while also adding in a hot tub and expansion to the pool deck area.

Guests staying at the Polynesian during this time will have the option of going to Blizzard Beach in a complimentary manner.

One thing that has come about and changed from the original news is that it appears as if guests won’t get just one day of complimentary admission to Blizzard Beach, but instead will have the option to have it throughout their entire stay.

Here are just a few things to know:

~ Polynesian guests will receive complimentary admission to Blizzard Beach, a complimentary towel rental, and have access to the beverage stations at Blizzard Beach. That is, if they’ve purchased a resort refillable mug.

Make sure to bring your mug along with you to Blizzard Beach.

~ Bus transportation between Blizzard Beach and Polynesian will be provided.

~ At the front of Blizzard Beach, Polynesian guests will have a place to check-in by using their cards or MagicBands.

Please know that this information and situation is subject to change at any time. As of July 29, 2014, this is the way things are set up with the link between the Poly and Blizzard Beach.

As always, please check with the front desk of the Polynesian or call directly into Disney to find out how things are working.

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