More info on changes to Disney’s Guest Assistance Card / GAC

Disney Guest Assistance CardWell, the Guest Assistance Card (GAC) at Walt Disney World is indeed undergoing some changes, but it doesn’t appear as if they are going to be as severe as once anticipated.

It has now been confirmed for both the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (and more than likely Epcot and DAK) that in order to get a GAC for a certain number of guests in your party…all guests must be present. You can’t just have one person go in and ask for a GAC for six people anymore.

So, if you are traveling with a party of five, they all have to be there when you request your GAC. If you arrive at a park and go get a GAC for you and your three friends that are arriving later, you can get one at that time for one person and come back later to get another for four people once all are present.

Chances are that this little issue won’t be a problem for those that really need a GAC, but will be seen as a nuisance and hindrance for those that don’t really need one or abuse the system.

GACs are still only available for two weeks maximum at any given time.

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