Update on changes coming to Disney’s Guest Assistance Card

GACAbout a month ago, there was talk of some serious changes that could be coming to Disney’s Guest Assistance Card or GAC. Well, there hasn’t been anything officially happen as of yet, but found out some updates.

Essentially, Disney has made it a point of saying they are 99.99% sure they won’t be getting rid of or doing away with the GAC entirely. It just wouldn’t be a feasible or logical solution to the problems they’ve had with it lately.

It is also known that Disney has no real way of checking the validity of the reason that someone may request a GAC from one of the parks. So, with that, some Cast Members have advised – this includes managers and 10-year pinners – of how things will likely be in the future.

  • Guest Assistance Cards are not going away
  • GACs will most likely be made out for two weeks at the very most
  • It is possible that GACs may soon include the names of those that are to be admitted with it, and those names could be compared with park tickets
  • CMs may more than likely request that the person the GAC is needed for be present and seen by them when it is issued

Let it be known that nothing is confirmed at this time, and things can change, but this looks to be about right for now. As of this writing, GACs are only being written out for a maximum of two-week periods.

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