Serious changes coming to Disney’s Guest Assistance Cards in near future

By now, most have heard about the horrible abuse that has been happening in Walt Disney World with the Guest Assistance Cards (GAC). Some of those that are disabled or truly need a card have been “selling their services” so that families can take advantage of the program. Well, Disney is about to try and rectify that situation.

GACs are gotten by those that medically need them to help make waiting in line a bit easier. They have always been acquired by going to Guest Services in one of the parks and requesting one for the duration of their trip.

The abuse of the program though, is causing Disney to make changes and it was told directly to me by multiple Cast Members with knowledge of the situation.

While in Magic Kingdom’s City Hall the other day and getting a GAC that was medically necessary, the CM advised me:

“I’m only going to make this out for a few weeks because these will be going away soon.”

I asked if it was because of the abuse and Craigslist issue, and she replied:

“Yes, that is exactly why. They’re working on a way for it to not be abused. At first, they were going to require a doctor’s note, but we aren’t all medically trained. We’d have no idea if the medical issue being told to us wasn’t just made up or if the doctor’s note wasn’t forged.”

Upon asking when this would happen, the CM finally said:

“We don’t have an exact date as the details are being worked on to determine how it can be done best, but it will be seriously altered. It’s going to be happening soon too!”

The exact changes to the GAC program aren’t known at this time, but they are coming because sadly…there are those people that abuse everything. As the full changes are known, I’ll make sure to bring them to you.

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