Disney expands MyMagic, MagicBands testing to different resorts in next couple months

Disney MagicBands testingThe next phase of testing for Disney’s MyMagic+. MagicBands, and FASTPass+ is about to roll out starting at the beginning of Sept., 2013. The testing has been going on at a number of resorts, but more will join the fray for the next two months.

Guests that will be taking part in the next round of tests will have to arrive at their Walt Disney World Resort between the dates of Sept. 3, 2013, and Oct. 31, 2013.

New resorts that will join the MyMagic+ testing beginning in Sept.:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Villas
  • Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House Villas

Other resorts that were already in testing phases:

  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Please please please remember…this is all still a testing phase of the MyMagic+ and more at Disney. The full roll-out is expected to happen by the end of the year, but there is no confirmation on that from Disney yet.

Also, changes are being made all the time so any of this information is subject to change in a moment’s notice.


  1. Going Sunday to OKW and want my band! It looks like I may have to wait though.

    • Unfortunately, you will have to wait, Brack Jr. OKW isn’t yet prepped for the MagicBands, but I’m still expecting everything to be out in full by the end of 2013. Seems like they are doing phases of 4-6 resorts at a time.

  2. Do you know if Bay Lake Tower is included in this with the Contemporary? Thanks!

    • Bay Lake is not included with the Contemporary. Always check with Disney leading up to your reservation, but I checked with Middle of the Magic Travel on this…and their Contemporary clients have MagicBands, but their Bay Lake clients do not.

  3. So no Wilderness Lodge in September?

  4. I really wanna try the magic bands!! but I arrive at pop century on the 2nd of September!!

    • DH, I would get in contact with Disney about your trip as the MagicBands are already live at Pop Century. They’ve been there for a couple of months now.

      • that’s what I have read before but loads of people saying Disney contacted them etc to be part of the trial and ive had none of that, so I thought maybe we didn’t qualify cause the new trials start sept 3rd

  5. Hay I am getting my Magic Band’s for our trip on September 13th. I was wondering if we also get a key to the world card?

    • You will not get a Key to the World card automatically as well as your MagicBands. You can request one from the front desk of your resort if you’d prefer one over the other.

    • Tara Conklin says:

      We just came back from the weekend at the Contemporary. We were included in the MagicBand testing. They worked out great but we DID automatically get room keys as well. They said we didn’t need them but were provided just in case.

      The bands made everything so ridiculously easy – for the first time I was actually sitting around MK waiting to GET IN line since FastPass+ prevented us from having to actually wait In line. Was crazy. I hope they extend the bands to the Dolphin and Swan but I’m sure if they do those will be the last resorts to get them. Of course the DTD Hilton recently posted they have been approved to get them next year so… we’ll see.

      • Tara, thank you so much for this update. For as much as I know and have personally experienced, I’m not at every resort and testing every other week. I’m glad to see your trip went smoothly and that the MagicBands worked well. Also glad to know that KTTW cards are now being automatically given to guests as Disney must have simply realized that they were needed.

        Also is cool knowing the DTD Hilton is getting them, and I fully assume that Swan and Dolphin will get them.

  6. Does the Disney Boardwalk have the magic bands yet?

    • No, Boardwalk does not have the MagicBands yet. And they are not in the upcoming tests for Sept. and Oct. That could possibly change, but they are not scheduled in the next testing phase at this time.

  7. What’s the likelihood SSR will be included in testing in November? I am desperate to try the Magic Bands and this is our last trip for the indefinite future. I will be so disappointed if we can’t!

    I’m surprised they are doing the next test over two months when the August one was much shorter. Hurry up Disney!!

    • Well, it wasn’t necessarily just an August test. The MagicBands have been undergoing testing for two, almost three months now. Other resorts could be added into the testing, but as of now, we are only looking at what’s listed and been announced.

      No idea which resorts will be added for November, but those will likely be announced by mid-October.

  8. Once a resort is added to the list of the MyMagic+ testing it means that this resort will offer Magic Bands from that month on? Or do that resort stops offering Magic Bands after that month of testing? Also do they offer the Magic Bands to all the guests staying in that particular resort? Thank you!

    • Once a Disney Resort begins offering them, they will continue offering them from that point on. Now, once testing begins though…they aren’t IMMEDIATELY offered to all guests but random selections and then over that month or two-month time period, it expands out to all guests at that resort.

  9. Hello !
    I booked a MYW Package starting october 20, until october 31 at the Caribbean Beach Resort. Now I think I won’t get the magic bands for this stay, but I’d really love to. So, do you think that, if I add one night at the AoA or POP just the day before my stay at the caribbean beach, I’m going to get the magic band for the whole stay?

    • Hi Kevin, the bands are fully live at some resorts, but not all. Since they are fully live at Pop, you would get them there, but that doesn’t mean you would get them for your whole trip and over at Caribbean Beach as well. Each of the new testing resorts are still giving out the MagicBands at random.

  10. Staying in POP arriving Oct 6…we will be good for the bands correct?

  11. MadTownKat says:

    So if the resort is rolling out the magic bands prior to a visit, does that mean the resort will continue offering magic bands after the testing phase? We are staying at the Polynesian during the first week of December, and I think those bands look great!

  12. Hi,

    We are taking our honeymoon from sept 29th till oct 9th. We are currently staying at the Caribbean beach resort… We’d like to be a part of this program and are considering switching resorts to port orleans… My only question is, whats the likely hood of us actually getting the magicbands if we switch…. We really love the room we picked at the Caribbean beach resort, but this feels like something we shouldn’t pass up.

    • Ok, so at the beginning of the testing phases, the selection of guests using MagicBands is random. For instance, the testing of the bands at the Polynesian just began on Sept. 3, 2013, and I asked if it was now live to the whole resort…I was advised that testing began with Cast Member guests and other randomly selected guests.

      Over the course of the testing phase months, it will open up to more guests and then eventually to all guests.

      So, it is not guaranteed that you will be chosen for the test if you switch resorts, but you could be. I have checked with Middle of the Magic Travel and they’ve got guests staying at the new testing resorts over the next two months and some were chosen, some weren’t.

  13. I am arriving at Art of Animation on Sept 13. But I booked through Expedia. Do you think I will be able to get my wristbands?

    • While the testing has begun at the Art of Animation Resort, it is not yet live to ALL guests. At the beginning, it’s still a random selection of guests, and then later expanded to include more and all.

      If you’d like to see if you’re a part of the testing, connect your reservation to your My Disney Experience account or call Disney directly.

  14. staying at pop in nov. did online check in already. why have I not been given any band option yet?

    • The dates vary for when you can officially order your MagicBands. If it is within 60 days of your check-in date, you may want to call Disney and check with them because you should be given the option to select your MagicBands 45-60 days prior to check-in.

  15. I’m staying at Port Orleans Riverside Nov. 30 – Dec. 8, does this mean ill get a magic band. I haven’t heard anything from disney or how to reserve one…

    • You should very well receive the MagicBands for your trip. As of now, those resorts that are in the testing phases have a variance of when they can order their MBs. Once it is official, Disney has told me that it will be 60 days out from your check-in date. Since you are staying at a resort that is currently testing, but will be full-go by the time of your arrival…it is kind of up in the air.

      My suggestions is to register with My Disney Experience, link your trip reservation to it, and then when you hit the 60-day mark to your check-in date…see if you can register to get your MagicBands sent to you. If not, try again a couple of days later or call Disney Reservations.

  16. Oh please..Oh please have the Magicbands at the Carribean resort by Oct. 19.

    • There is always hope, David. But as of right now, the list in this article are the only Disney Resorts that will have the MagicBands by Nov. 1, 2013. As always though, things can change.

  17. FYI- Staying at Caribbean Beach Resort Oct 20-26 and got the option this week to customize my magic bands. No email, call, or regular mail. Just option to customize on My Disney experience. SO EXCITED!

  18. I stay at all star music from 10/10 to the 10/13. That sucks I miss get to be part test by one day ;(

  19. How long are these test trials taking place before they are going to be in full swing? I am going to be trying to make it down there beginning of next summer and wanna get bands for the family when we do go… 🙂

  20. Staying in AKL from 6 -16 Nov 13, haven’t had any contact from Disney. Contacted Virgin several times but they have no info. Should I be taking part in the MagicBand? If yes who do you suggest contacting? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    • DAK Lodge has been in the testing phase for a while now and is using MagicBands. Contact Disney directly and speak with reservations. If you booked through Virgin, they should have this information, but I’ve come across it often where some large booking companies won’t bother getting the info for their clients unlike smaller agencies do.

      A problem may be that Disney may not let you make any changes or do anything since you booked through an agency, BUT…I’d still call them directly and speak with the reservations line about your trip and your bands and tell them the situation with your booking people.

    • I’m staying that the Yacht Club at the end of October and I booked through a travel agent. No one told me anything about being a part of the test or even that magic bands existed. I just happened across it on the Disney website yesterday. My guess is that no one is going to tell you either. I would just check the Disney My Experience website and see if they let you customize your bands to know if you are in.

      • I’ve heard of this issue. A lot of travel agencies are not telling their clients of the MagicBands and I’ve run into that a lot. Middle of the Magic Travel is actually one that keeps up with it and has notified every single one of their clients as eligibility comes about. If you’re not told, contact Disney just to be sure.

  21. Susan Easterday says:

    We are going to Disney in 10 days and staying at Wilderness Lodge Villas and the Boardwalk Villas. They told me Wilderness Lodge starts testing 10/15 and we received MagicBands a couple weeks ago for the Boardwalk. It showed up on the website before we received the email, then an overnight announcement in the mail. My friends are staying at the Grand Floridian and got their notice (and bands) about a week ago. If you all Disney customer service, they have a list of resorts adding soon. 🙂

  22. Lindsey Kimbrel says:

    I just spoke to Disney today and they said that testing has only been offered to guests until the end of October for FP+. We are going in early December. Looks like I may have talked to the wrong person. Really wish I knew if we were going to get them.

  23. Olivia Jackson says:

    I’m confused on these magic bands. Does the park in Florida have them ? Also the description says that there coming out in 2 months then it says that there coming out in September. Which one is it ?

    • MagicBands are at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. They are available for all guests including those staying at Disney Resorts and those staying off property and annual passholders. Check the date of this article and you’ll see it is from last year.

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