Disney Rumors: Journey Into Imagination closed for all of 2014; Captain Eo being taken out

Ok, so the other day it was revealed that Journey Into Imagination at Epcot could close in 2014 for a serious refurbishment.

Well, it appears as if the rumor mill is now starting to circulate and there is a lot of talk going on that the refurbishment could be so extensive that Journey Into Imagination could be closed for the entirety of 2014.

With this refurb, there would apparently be some major happenings going inside the dual glass pyramids. The only thing that seems to be consistent in all these rumors is that “Captain Eo” will be on its way out with a new 3D movie coming in.

But what about the Journey Into Imagination attraction itself?

Will it change entirely and be something new? Will it return to its original form? Will it be another upgrade but keeping the main purpose intact?

We don’t know that, but you can be sure that if they ditch Figment again – ala Journey Into YOUR Imagination in 1999 – then fans will probably riot. So many people are still bitter over the removal of Dreamfinder – myself included – and losing Figment may set people – myself included – may just completely lose it.

Only time will tell, but the one thing that appears certain is that Journey Into Imagination will undergo some sort of big refurbishment in 2014.

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