Full Review Of The New Trio Of Macarons From Gaston’s Tavern In Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has been getting a lot of new snack options (not always snack credits) lately, and it seems only fitting to try as many of them as possible. The latest were the Trio of Macarons available at Gaston’s Tavern and there are even two trios to choose from.

Each trio does come with three macarons which are each a little bit bigger than a quarter so, you’re not getting a lot for $5.99 plus tax. But, let’s check them out in order from least favorite to the top of the line.

The Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee trio of macarons are good with each having a very rich flavor that is unmistakable. Not being a coffee fan, it was my least favorite of the three, but they’re still very tasty.

Next up, the trio of macarons which are Pistachio, Raspberry, and Lemon.

be our guest snacks macarons gaston's tavern

Now, I’m just going to get this out of the way…the Pistachio one isn’t bad, but it just really isn’t a flavor I’m fond of. As for the Lemon and Raspberry? My wife and I honestly contemplated buying a second batch and asking them to replace the green one with another red or yellow, but we’ll wait until next time.

Seriously, they are really really good.

The massive cinnamon roll and the Rose Cupcake are still there for you to try, along with a number of other options at Gaston’s Tavern. Still, we highly recommend you try the Trio Of Macarons as you will not be disappointed.

Oh yeah…

be our guest snacks macarons gaston's tavern

…they have the Rose Cups too. Well, they have the original version without “Beauty and the Beast” written on the side as are those which can be purchased from the Emporium, World of Disney, and other locations.

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