Full Review Of The Cheshire Cat Tail From Cheshire Cafe In Magic Kingdom – Prepare For The Sugar

Make way for another new treat at Magic Kingdom and this one can be enjoyed right at the border of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Still upset about the cupcake cups that Cheshire Cafe used to have and took away, this weekend was time to try the Cheshire Cat Tail.

cheshire cat tail review magic kingdom

Ok, so the Cheshire Cat Tail can be purchased for $4.49 and let me just tell you from the very start that you need a serious sweet tooth to enjoy it.

So, the Cheshire Cat Tail is a nice bargain as the pastry is quite a good size for under $5, and here is what you’re getting: A flaky pastry filled with cream filling and melted chocolate chips. As if that isn’t enough, there is fluorescent purple and blue icing drizzled on (swarming) the top of it.

The pastry is very good and the taste of the Cheshire Cat Tail is the same, but it is exceedingly sweet. Getting all of the flavors in one bite is awesome, but a bit much. When I had a bite with just the pastry and filling or just the pastry and icing, it wasn’t as overwhelming.

If you can handle the sweetness, the Cheshire Cat Tail is for you. I love the taste, but it is a sugar coma waiting to happen.

cheshire cat tail review magic kingdom

Now, Cheshire Cafe did also bring about some Cold Brew Coffee for $3.79, but I’m just not someone who enjoys coffee in any shape, flavor, or form. Reviewing it would not be fair as it’s just not something I could try, but it is there for your pleasure.

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