Disney Cruise Line Cast Members Hint At Two More Ships Coming To Fleet

This past weekend, Doctor Disney was on the Disney Dream enjoying a quick three-night cruise, but my ears were open as usual and some new rumors came to light. Without even asking, two different Cast Members stated they believed two more ships were going to be added to the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Without any prodding or even asking, two different Cast Members ponied up information, or at least their own opinions and overheard rumors, of what could be coming to Disney Cruise Line. Mind you, these two Cast Members were not around us at the same time and the incidents happened on different days.

While on board and looking through the art gallery, an off-duty Cast Member came up to where we were standing and looking at this giclee picture called “Sea Farin’ Brood” by Greg McCullough.

Disney Cruise Line


The Cast Member stated, “I’m just going to start a rumor…a-hem…right now and say that Disney Cruise Line is bringing in two more ships. It’s easy to tell by looking at this portrait. The four ship icons are all represented and then there is Pluto and Goofy.”

Now, what he meant exactly is that four of the six characters featured are lobby statue icons from the four Disney Cruise Line ships.

  • Disney Dream – Admiral Donald
  • Disney Fantasy – Flapper Minnie
  • Disney Wonder – Ariel
  • Disney Magic – Helmsman Mickey

Pluto and Goofy aren’t featured in the lobbies of any of the ships. While this could just be a collection of characters, it was an interesting thought. Not to mention that the four (Donald, Minnie, Ariel, and Mickey) are all featured in the way they’re seen in the Disney Cruise Line ship atriums.

The next night at dinner, our server welcomed us and began the evening with bread and drinks.

A few minutes later, we were talking to him about his stay on the ship and he advised us that he finished in October, had a vacation for a few months, came back to the Disney Dream, and then finished in late September next year as the Dream would be going into dry dock. He has been a DCL Cast Member for quite some time.

Without prompting, he then proceeded to ask us, “Have you heard about the two new ships coming to the Disney Cruise Line?”

We all literally stared at him in shock. My wife had been speaking to him about it the Dream going into dry dock so he said:

“Since you know about the Dream’s dry dock, what have you heard about the two new ships? Haven’t heard an exact time schedule, but I was wondering if you knew anything more than what we’ve heard here on the ship.”


From there, we just kind of talked a bit about it with him and then went on about our dinner. While nothing is confirmed at all, it was just really strange for two separate Cast Members to bring it up in a mere three days.

Please let it be known that this information is not confirmed nor has it been announced by Disney. They have not said anything about new ships coming to Disney Cruise Line at all, but it sure was interesting.

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