Disney Cruise Line Passing Out Tickets For Anna and Elsa Meet-and-Greet on Disney Ships

A few weeks ago, the rumor of Anna and Elsa making their way onto the Disney Cruise Line ships came about, and it has now come true. The girls from Disney’s “Frozen” are on board at least the Disney Wonder as shown to me this morning, but the character meet-and-greet is being done a little differently than in the Disney Parks. Tickets are being handed out to cruisers so that the wait times won’t be enormous.

Ok, as you can see by the image of the Navigator from this morning’s Disney Cruise Line sailing aboard the Disney Wonder, guests will have to show up in Studio Sea between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Disney Cruise Line Anna and Elsa

Upon arriving in Studio Sea, guests can pick up a ticket that they will use to organize their meet-and-greet time with Anna and Elsa of Arendelle. The tickets will have a date and time during their Disney Cruise Line sailing to go and get their pictures taken, get autographs, and the like for a normal meet-and-greet.

As the Navigator says, the tickets can only be claimed during that time period of 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on the first day of sailing.

Tickets and space are said to be limited so if you’re going on a Disney Cruise Line sailing soon and want to see Anna and Elsa, get on the ship early and go get your ticket.

Normal meet-and-greets on the ships have character times scheduled throughout the day and evenings of your sailing. Guests usually line up ahead of time, but are guaranteed to meet that character if they are in line before Cast Members close it off.

It’s obvious that the popularity of Anna and Elsa could have caused a right catastrophe aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships. Lines would have been incredibly long. This ticket system allows for guests to have limited wait times and not have to waste all time waiting.

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