Snow White Is Moving Again At the Magic Kingdom

Snow WhiteWell, it was just less than two weeks ago that some Disney Princesses started moving around their meet-and-greet locations at the Magic Kingdom, but one is on the move again. Snow White is getting ready to head in a different direction yet again so be prepared for where you may find her.

Just a week ago, Snow White began appearing on Center Street on Main Street U.S.A., but personally, that never seemed like the best location to me.

Seems as if others thought the same thing.

Snow White will now be meeting guests on the front porch of the Town Square Theater, and that has already begun as of Sunday, June 22, 2014.

She will be easy to find because that’s right at the front of the park, and you can step right inside to meet Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell after you’re finished meeting with Snow White.

Aurora will still be across the street next to City Hall.

Anna and Elsa will continue to meet and greet guests in Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland. But yes, they are now split in the room they are in. You’ll still get to meet both of them, but one at a time.


  1. while I ‘enjoy’ the fact that you can meet some major characters on Main Street USA….(Mickey, Tink & Snow all @ once is genius I must admit)…I’d ‘much’ rather be able to locate them in a more theme appropriate setting i.e. Snow & the Dwarves outside of the Mine Ride. While some characters may be hard to ‘give a location’ to based on their films, the majority of them may be obvious. Any sugggestions? Aaaaannnnd GO…….

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