Is the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Great Movie Ride Closing Too? – The Truth

Indiana Jones closingWhen word came out this past week that the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be closing, the rumor mill really started going nuts. All of a sudden, everyone “knew” what the plans were for DHS and also all the other attractions that would be closing. A couple of those are the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and the Great Movie Ride, but what’s really happening?

Once these rumors started flying around, it was time to do some digging and research and poking around to find out what could really be happening.

With American Idol Experience, there are some plans being discussed for current location. It’s certainly not big enough for the rumored Star Wars Land or Cars Land to go, but some think getting rid of the surrounding rides would make enough room.  Once those rumors started floating around, everyone started going a bit crazy.

It is possible that something could take the place of American Idol for a short amount of time while bigger plans for the space are ironed out.

First of all with the other attractions, push the rumor of Great Movie Ride closing out of the way. As of right now, there are no plans to close the premiere and original attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Let it be known that there are no current or immediate future plans to get rid of GMR.

Now, onto the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Some rumor reports have Indiana Jones closing so that Star Wars land can take over that corner area on that side of Echo Lake.

Let it be known that as of right now, sources indicate that the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular will not be closing in 2014. Could that change into 2015 or beyond? Yes, it could. But please note that Indiana Jones won’t close this year.

Again…please read it as I’ve been told it, Indiana Jones won’t close…in 2014.

UPDATE: On the morning of June 16, 2014, Cast Members at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular were advised that the attraction “would not be closing anytime soon.”

So, there you have it. Nothing is set in stone as of right now except for the American Idol Experience closing, and even the proposed date of Jan. 4, 2015, isn’t confirmed. The attraction will be closing and Disney released a statement on it:

“After more than five successful years, The American Idol Experience will be coming to a close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in January 2015. Our partnership with FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment has been a great addition to the park and we are very appreciative of the amazing cast and guests who have devoted their time and talent to make this experience special and memorable. We are incredibly proud of the more than 2,000 Dream Tickets that have given guests a chance to live their very own Cinderella story and audition for ‘American Idol’. This past season alone, three of the Top 13 contestants were originally discovered through The American Idol Experience and we expect the attraction to continue providing top contestants for ‘American Idol’ XIV in the coming year.”

As for Indiana Jones, Great Movie Ride, Star Wars Land, Cars Land, etc… there is nothing else known at this time, but let it be known that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be undergoing changes over the next few years, and they are going to be very exciting.


  1. The Great Movie Ride can load 140 people every 2 minutes for a ride that lasts 22 minutes. Easily one of the most efficient rides around. It is in need of a makeover but not being shut down. They could easily replace the Tarzan and Alien scenes with something more relevant.

    • Actually I feel those are two of the more relevant scenes in that ride consider that alien vs preditor movies still come out and tarzan could be rethemed to the Disney version

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