Doctor Disney Remembers: The world’s largest Hidden Mickey

mgmmap1989For those that love looking for Hidden Mickeys, well, they always have an even greater time at Walt Disney World because they’ve got an extra something special to search for. Over the years, through refurbishments and ride changes, some Hidden Mickeys have been altered, moved, or completely lost entirely.

That includes the world’s largest Hidden Mickey that used to reside at Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Disney’-MGM Studios opened on May 1, 1989, and at that time, the world’s largest Hidden Mickey was in place. Some people may not have ever noticed or just never even knew it was there, but it was.

The thing is, it wasn’t inside of an attraction or along the track of a ride. It was right out in the open, but couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. Well, parts of it could be seen, but never the entire thing.

That is, unless you were flying above it.

By taking the old Disney-MGM Studios map and turning it upside down, you could clearly see the face of the one, the only, Mr. Mickey Mouse staring right back at you. Echo Lake was one ear. A series of stores was the other. Some garden areas made up his nose and eyes. Then there was the area in front of the Great Movie Ride that created his smile.

Still can’t see it? Check this out:









On the left is the map turned upside-down so you can clearly see it. On the right is the aerial image of Disney-MGM Studios and how it used to look before things were changed and altered. Since then, the park has changed drastically and the Hidden Mickey has found its way totally out of the picture and gone.

In July of 1994, Sunset Blvd opened up and took out Mickey’s left ear.

In September of 2001, the giant Sorcerer Mickey hat showed up and completely got rid of just about any resemblance to the old Hidden Mickey. Even if the hat was moved now, it could never truly return to its true form because that would mean closing off Sunset Blvd.

We all know that’s not going to happen.

It is easily understandable that progress has to be made, and that is why so many things are now considered to be a part of “Lost Disney,” but it still isn’t easy to take for fans of Walt Disney World of old. At least this way, the past can still be shared with all those that have missed out and just miss it.

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