More news on Disney Refillable Mugs with Rapid Fill program

Ok, so we all know that the new Disney refillable mug program known as Rapid Fill is coming, but not all the info is confirmed yet. Actually, nothing is confirmed as Disney hasn’t officially announced anything, but it’s on the way.

Well, the Disney Food Blog reported an update on the whole thing and it appears that changes are already being made as the new drink machines are being installed. Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has seen the machines put in, but they are still working in the old fashion as of now.

UPDATE: It appears as if the Port Orleans’ Resorts have the new machines installed as well.

Rumors state that the Rapid Fill program will begin sometime within the next month and roll out to all resorts through the end of 2013.

To read everything so far on the new deal, click this link on Rapid Fill.

The pics (more at bottom) show that there is a small electronic screen that will display information to guests.

A few things:

~ Guests will be able to purchase days for their refillable mugs in increments of one, two, three, or length of stay (four or more) and here is the pricing:

  • $8.99 for 1 day
  • $11.99 for 2 days
  • $14.99 for 3 days
  • $17.99 for length of stay (4+ days)

~ A “day” is a a calendar day, not a 24-hour time frame. So if purchase your Rapid Fill mug at noon, then you have 12 hours remaining on day one. If you purchase it at 7:00 p.m., then you have five hours remaining in day one and so on.

~ The Rapid Fill refillable mugs will be included in the Disney Dining Plan.

~ Guests that don’t want a refillable mug can purchase the regular paper cups that will be able to be refilled four times.

Hopefully there will be an official announcement from Disney soon on all this stuff and things can be confirmed.

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