Window falls in on Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: No injuries reported

Credit: Peter Jones - Facebook

Some scary and strange news out of Disney’s Contemporary Resort on the morning of July 25, 2013, as a one of the large picture windows broke and collapsed and fell in toward the Chef Mickey’s restaurant.

A Facebook user by the name of Peter Jones posted a picture, to a DVC group, showing a shattered window at the Contemporary.

It appears as if everyone was alright and there were no injuries. Jones included this caption with the pic:

Drama at Chef Mickeys as window collapses in on us. Don’t worry Mickey and gang all safe! But I couldn’t get back to the buffet!

Jones seemed to be in a mood of good spirits ever since posting the picture around 11:00 a.m. this morning. He also hasn’t said anything else as of this posting, so, it doesn’t seem like it was anything serious and well, these things do happen.

UPDATE – Jones came in and posted in the comments under his pic again and said:

Luckily we had already met all the ‘chefs’ when it sounded like hail. We looked up to see the window crumbling and glass bouncing all over the floor and some tables. Suspect it was a bird or Donalds finale from Philharmonic gone wrong! Staff were great and kept us safe. Food available but we left as storm was coming. It was an awful pane! (sorry if you read that pun twice but not sure earlier updates posted. If you get monorail you should see it !

There are a great number of comments following the pic, but no further news as to how it happened.

There’s been a lot of bad weather in the Disney Parks area lately and it could have been that or a bird or the shaking from a monorail or just an old window. The main thing is that no-one appears to have gotten injured, and these things just happen.

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