SpectroMagic officially retired from Disney Parks operation

Even though there were rumors last year that it could return in “later 2012″…it appears now as if it will never happen again. The SpectroMagic parade has been officially retired from Disney Parks operation.

Reports had been circulating that a number of the floats and equipment had been damaged / destroyed and tossed out. With that being said, questions needed to be asked and when a Walt Disney World spokesperson was asked about SpectroMagic, their answer was simple:

“Yes, SpectroMagic has been retired.”

Word is that some parts or pieces could be held onto for future use; it was not said if that “future use” was the Festival of Fantasy coming next year.

Let it be known that some of the smaller SpectroMagic floats were seen backstage at the Magic Kingdom – personally by me – a number of times over the past eight months. That’s not to say they are still there or intact or anything, but it doesn’t matter as SpectroMagic is and will be no more.

SpectroMagic: 1991-2010


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