Walt Disney World Bus Transportation: Schedules and Routes


Disney Buses are one of the biggest modes of transportation around the Walt Disney World Resort. They get guests to all theme parks, Downtown Disney, all resorts, and more.

Some info to know about the Disney Bus system:

  • Buses run on average of every 20 minutes from all onsite Disney Resorts
  • Signs are posted and located at all bus stops to advise guests where to stand and wait for the correct bus
  • Guests using Disney Bus transportation for character meals must use one of the four major theme parks as a transfer point
  • Disney Buses – for the most part – do not travel between Disney Resorts

Disney Bus Schedule:

  • The operating hours for Disney Buses are officially supposed to coordinate with Disney Parks’ operating hours
  • For the most part, Disney Buses begin running 60-90 minutes before park openings
  • For the most part, Disney Buses cease the day’s operations 60-90 minutes after park closures
  • Be sure to check with Disney Parks or the front desk of your Disney Resort for updated or more accurate time schedules
  • Bus drivers will announce the latest pick-up / drop-off times

NOTE: Full Disney Bus stop schedules will be coming soon, but here are a few to know

Downtown Disney

  • Bus service begins running at approximately 8:30 a.m.
  • Bus service is shared with Disney West Disney
  • Buses operation until 2:00 a.m.

Typhoon Lagoon / Blizzard Beach

  • Bus service begins running one hour prior to each of the park opening times listed per day
  • This is not a shared service, and each park has their own bus system

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Disney’s All-Star Resorts

  • The three locations at Disney’s All-Star Resorts do share a bus system. Travel time between parks and resorts as well as resorts and parks could be extended due to multiple stops.
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