Full Review Of Three New Sundaes From Taste Track In Epcot – Berry, Apple Pie, Churro

Walt Disney World has been doing a great job lately of bringing forth some brand new snacks and treats for Guests to try. We are willing to be the test subjects for you all and that is why we headed over to Epcot to try all three of the brand new sundaes First things first […]

Breakdown At Test Track Leads To Guest Leaving Vehicle By Cutting Through Seat Belt

So, there are strange happenings at Walt Disney World, and then there are strange happenings at Walt Disney World. The latter is the case of a story passed along to me from Sunday night at Epcot when Test Track broke down and a Guest cut the seat belt and got out of the stopped car. Yes, you […]

Original Disney Attractions and New Ideas: A Thing of the Past?

With so much focus on upcoming attractions such as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster in New Fantasyland and the proposed Avatarland for Animal Kingdom, it leaves some Disney fans wondering: When will we get another original E-Ticket attraction? Over the past few years, Walt Disney World has created several new attractions. Most recent and most […]

Disney Reveals First Look at New Sim Car for Epcot’s Test Track

Disney took to their Twitter on Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 to reveal the first look at the new sim car for Epcot’s Test Track. The attraction shut down back in April and it is scheduled to reopen in late fall of this year. Rumors say Nov. 30, 2012 is the official reopening, but that isn’t […]

Epcot’s Test Track to Open In November 2012 Instead of September

Epcot’s Test Track was recently closed down for a very long refurbishment that will be overly extensive and change almost the entire concept of the attraction. Word had been out that the attraction would open back up in the fall of 2012, but more specifically on September 21, 2012 to be exact. It appears as […]

A photographic and video look at the final days of Epcot’s Test Track before its big Chevrolet refurbishment

Epcot’s Test Track has officially closed for the summer and for a what is said to be a huge refurbishment that will take it into the next generation of technology for guests to enjoy at Walt Disney World. As of April 16, 2012, Test Track closed down and is tentatively scheduled to reopen again on […]

Epcot’s Test Track Maybe Not Changing After All (UPDATED)

Back in January of this year, it was announced that Test Track over at Epcot would be getting a complete and total overhaul. Well, for the most part. Chevrolet would put new things into place such as the ride vehicles and guests even being able to create their own custom vehicles as automotive designers. Word […]

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