Shows #12: Dining With An Imagineer Allows You Fun, Info, Secrets, And More

Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a short hiatus for “The Doctor Disney Podcast,” and well, now, you’re going to learn exactly why that is. Also, Dining With An Imagineer is something that not many people may realize is possible, but it’s quite incredible and well worth checking out…if you can get a reservation. During […]

Show #11: DCL Itineraries For 2018, Celebrate The Magic’s End, And…Muppet Babies?

It’s time for another week of “The Doctor Disney Podcast,” and we have an interesting array of topics for this week’s show. Disney Cruise Line has released some itineraries for 2018. Celebrate the Magic is soon coming to an end. The Muppet Babies are coming back. The Muppet Babies? On this week’s show, Jeff and Karen are […]

Show #8: What Do You Do At Disney During A Hurricane? Also, A New Discount Has Arrived

It has been a pretty big week for Disney news as a brand new Walt Disney World discount dropped this week, but something bigger may have come about…and that is the formation of a big storm. With that, this week on “The Doctor Disney Podcast,” we discuss what to do on your Disney vacation in […]

The Doctor Disney Podcast Episode #1: Intros, Princess Elena Of Avalor, And The Muppets

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Disney fans everywhere…many have been asking for it and we have finally gotten to the point where we are doing it. Please make way for the first episode of “The Doctor Disney Podcast.” Yes, each and every week, we will release a brand new episode of the podcast and […]

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