Single Rider Line For Expedition Everest Unavailable For Most Of The Next Month

Don’t worry, Expedition Everest isn’t closing for the summer or even at all, but the single rider line is not going to be available for a while. While not actually a refurbishment since Expedition Everest is still open and operating, the single rider line is still having some work done. It isn’t exactly known what […]

Expedition Everest Is Having Some Work Done, and It Is Terrifying

One of the most frightening attractions at Walt Disney World is that of Expedition Everest which is over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The roller coaster is currently having some refurbishment work  done, but it is staying open…and it has oddly enough, been made even more terrifying. During the refurbishment work on Expedition Everest, the attraction […]

New Disney Limited Time Magic: Tour Expedition Everest with a Disney Imagineer

The newest Disney Limited Time Magic was announced on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, and there is a great opportunity for guests to see behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers. There will be a random drawing if you sign up, and those selected will be able to tour Expedition Everest with Walt Disney Imagineering. The tours […]

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