Preferred Parking Becomes An Option At Disney Springs Beginning On June 1

The theme parks at Walt Disney World put preferred parking in place a number of months ago, and now, it is coming to Disney Springs as well. Beginning on June 1, 2017, Disney Springs will offer the option of preferred parking to those Guests who would like to take advantage of it. The cost of […]

Walt Disney World Is Raising Daily Parking Rates Again

They did it in the middle of last year, and now they are doing it again. Walt Disney World is raising daily parking dates again, and the proof was seen with my own eyes late on the evening of Saturday, March 29, 2014. Upon leaving Magic Kingdom this evening, I made the return toward the […]

Changes could be coming to parking at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Form Follows Parking

We’ve got even more rumors regarding Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but this time it has nothing to do with the inside of the park. Some reports are coming out regarding the parking lot and entrances to DHS, and changes could be on the way. Disney At Work says “Form Follows Function” parking could soon arrive to […]

Disney World parking for Annual Passholders getting a bit strict

Noticed it for the first time a month or so ago, and in the past couple weeks, it’s been happening a lot more. Now, there are reports of it happening to others and it seems as if it is becoming a common practice. Annual Passholders are not just being waved in all the time at […]

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