Every fact you need to know about the DAS program replacing Disney’s GAC, and how it will work

Alright, so by now, we all know that the current Disney Guest Assistance Card (GAC) will be in operation through Oct. 8, 2013. On Oct. 9, 2013, the Disabled Assistance System (DAS) will go into operation. Many have wondered just how this whole thing is going to work, and Doctor Disney is here to tell […]

Doctor Disney Explains: My thoughts on the changing of the GAC system

By now, everyone has learned about Disneyland and Walt Disney World changing the old Guest Assistance Card/GAC program to one called the Disabled Assistance System/DAS. There has been a lot of anger, sadness, revolt, and more about this change, and it is now time for me to give my thoughts on all of this. For […]

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