Haunted Mansion

When hinges creak in doorless chambers.

And strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls.

Whenever candlelights flicker, though the air is deathly still.

That is the time when ghosts are present.

Practicing their terror…with ghoulish delight.

When the time comes for some fear, scares, and frights…there truly is no better place to go in all of Walt Disney World than that of the Haunted Mansion. 999 Happy Haunts are celebrating and living it up in the old time homestead and just hoping that something they do will be able to convince you to join their merry party and become the one thousandth guest. There is always room for one more so ride through the hallways and rooms in your one-of-a-kind and remember that the ghosts will follow you home.

You know. One of those three guys that don’t really have titles and could pretty much be called the “Hitchhiking Ghosts Who Must Not Be Named.”

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