Hidden Mickeys of Epcot’s Future World East

Spaceship Earth

~ Once you pass Rome burning, look to your right and you’ll see three scholars sitting in a circle. The lights from above make numerous tri-circle Mickey heads all over the floor. Click link for Hidden Mickey image

Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey~ On your right, you’ll pass by monks” toiling endlessly” and one of them is sleeping. As you pass him, look back and on the top right corner of his scroll is an inkblot that is in the shape of Mickey’s head. Click link for Hidden Mickey image

~ After passing by Gutenberg’s printing press and into the Renaissance time period, check out the first artist to your left. On his work table are some paint stains and one of them consists of three circles forming Mickey’s head. Click link for Hidden Mickey image

~ While going through the age of innovation with movies, radio, and more…look for the radio announcer in a booth on your left. Check out his microphone and you’ll see initials stating “WDI” and that stands for Walt Disney Imagineering. Click link for WDI microphone image

Innoventions East

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Electric Umbrella

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Ellen’s Energy Adventure

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Mission: Space

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Test Track

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