Disney Recipe: The Grey Stuff

One of the most sought after dishes in all of Walt Disney World is The Grey Stuff from Be Our Guest Restaurant. It used to be only available for dinner and special occasions, but now it can be ordered and is also on top of a cupcake.

The Grey Stuff is quite interesting in taste and texture, but in my opinion, it truly is delicious.

It’s been described as a cookies and cream mousse, but simply known as The Grey Stuff is fantastic and needs to be made at home if you get the chance.


  • 1.5 cups whole milk
  • 1 package (3.4 oz.) Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
  • 1 tub (o oz.) Whipped Topping aka Cool Whip
  • 3 tbsp Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
  • 15 Oreo cookies (regular)
  • edible pearl sprinkles (grey, black, white)


1.) Mix the vanilla pudding mix and milk into a large bowl and whisk gently.

2.) Place mixture in refrigerator to chill for 5-15 minutes.

3.) Blend the Oreo cookies in the food processor until they are a fine powder or crumbs. Leave no big pieces of cookie. However you choose to crush the Oreos, make sure they are finely crushed.

4.) Take the pudding mixture out of the refrigerator and mix in the crushed Oreos.

5.) Carefully fold the whipped topping into the mixture.

6.) Put in the chocolate pudding mix and stir it well so that everything is mixed together evenly.

7.) Place the bowl with the mixture back into the refrigerator to chill for an hour to an hour and a half.

8.) From here, the mixture is prepared and ready to serve. You can serve as you wish, but put it into a piping bag with a unique tip to try and get the same effect of The Grey Stuff from Be Our Guest.

9.) Place some edible sprinkles on top and enjoy!

grey stuff


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