Disney Dreams Delivered – Your Personal Disney Shoppers

Have you ever left from your trip to Walt Disney World and forgotten some of those awesome Mickey ears or a mug you really wanted? Did you find out that there is a really cool Tower of Terror shirt coming out for a limited time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but your next Disney trip isn’t for six months? Want to have a gift basket or groceries magically waiting in your room for when you arrive at Walt Disney World?

Well, now is your chance to get what you want, when you want it, and all thanks to us.

If there any issues with the email address, please visitourpageon Facebook and contacts there: Disney Dreams Delivered on Facebook

Disney Dreams Delivered has affiliated with Doctor Disney and we will do whatever you need, whenever you need and all you need to do is contact us at: DisneyDelivered@yahoo.com

Merchandise Shipped:

  • Cost of merchandise – Disney World price + tax; No discounts will be taken
  • Shipping costs – Cheapest possible unless otherwise noted
  • Service fee of 18% – $5 minimum fee
  • Service fee of 15% if cost of total merchandise is over $100
EXAMPLE:  T-shirt that costs $21.95
  • $21.95 + $1.15 tax + $3.00 (estimated shipping) + $5.00 service fee = $31.10

NOTE: Merchandise will be shipped on the Friday of each week unless otherwise noted by customer. If expedited shipping is needed, there will be a fee of $3 added to your grand total.


Deliveries to Resorts:

  • Grocery Run – Cost of groceries plus $18 service fee
  • Merchandise Delivery – Cost of merchandise plus $18 fee
  • Grocery and Merchandise Delivery – Cost of groceries/merchandise plus $25 fee

NOTE: Deliveries to resorts must have requests sent to us at least one week in advance. Any requests made within one week may not be able to be fully accommodated, and will include a $5 extra charge.


We will go wherever on Walt Disney World property to get the merchandise that you want it including:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Downtown Disney
  • Any Walt Disney World Resort

If merchandise cannot be found, we will advise you. Only current merchandise can be gotten at this time, and not past items.

The steps are easy:

  1. Place an order by e-mailing us at DisneyDelivered@yahoo.com
  2. Advise us of what you’d like – Set basket/bag, merchandise, or created basket/bag
  3. We get order ready for you
  4. We send you a bill for the total with estimated shipping costs
  5. You pay via PayPal to disneydelivered@yahoo.com
  6. Once payment comes through, items are delivered or shipped

It’s that simple!


Any cancelled orders after purchase will result in a $25 fee.

Thanks for letting Disney Dreams Delivered shop for you, and we hope to always be there to bring all the Disney into your home that we can.

Examples of what we can send are shown below, but what Disney dreams can be delivered is only limited to what Walt Disney World provides.

*We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company in any way

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