10 Disney Secrets You May Not Know – Epcot

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The first edition of Disney Secrets ended up being more of a success than I had anticipated, but really shouldn’t be surprised. Everyone always loves learning new things about the parks and reliving the Disney Secrets they’re already familiar with. With one edition down on the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to learn some new, or […]

10 Disney Secrets You May Not Know – Magic Kingdom

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It will come as no surprise to just about anyone that knows anything about Disney that there are plenty of secrets to discover. Disney secrets are sometimes as evident as the windows on Main Street U.S.A. or can be as hard to find as some Hidden Mickeys. We all love to learn new hidden gems […]

Calling all Egg Hunters: Doctor Disney needs you for a Pixar Easter Egg Hunt

A Pixar Easter Egg hunt! What better way to spend Easter weekend than discussing and debating the best the myths of the Pixar Easter Eggs!  For those that may not be familiar an Easter Egg in movies is a reference made by one movie to another movie or character, Disney and Pixar are famous for […]

Hidden Mickeys have found their way to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


There is no mistaking that a lot of time and effort went into all of the details and intricacies at Disney’s brand new Art of Animation Resort. As the doors first opened for guests on Thursday, May 31, 2012, I made it a point to search for Hidden Mickeys because they are always lurking. Some […]

Quotes to Live by from Walt Disney and around Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World does nothing lightly and always makes sure to put as much into every single thing they do. That includes refurbishing their attractions and other areas throughout the parks and resorts. Currently, Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is under refurbishment as it has been since January and is scheduled to reopen […]

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