Ask Doctor Disney: Does That Music In The Land Sound Familiar?

Ask Doctor Disney

Every week…check that, each and every single day, I get a great number of emails asking me different questions regarding the  current and future happenings at Walt Disney World. There are those questions though, that come my way and wonder things that aren’t necessarily newsworthy, current, or run-of-the-mill. Still, they are extremely important and very […]

‘Epcot After Hours Wind Down’ Brings Late-Night Access to World Showcase Louges

Epcot After Hours Wind Down

When Pleasure Island exited the scene a few years ago, it left a rather big void in what could be some Disney nightlife that wasn’t in the parks or simply restaurants and shopping. Well, that is what the Epcot After Hours Wind Down will be coming into play and helping to extend your Disney days. […]

Full Band Line-Up For Sounds Like Summer Concert Series 2014 At Epcot

Sounds Like Summer

Even though the Flower and Garden Festival will be over and the Food and Wine Festival won’t have yet started, remember that Epcot still has a lot for you this summer. That includes the Sounds Like Summer concert series, and they’re going to be awesome. For those that love old school music, head over to […]

Rumor: Epcot Could Be Getting Its Own Disney Vacation Club Resort

Epcot DVC

An interesting rumor has been making the rounds lately, and there isn’t a whole lot of validity to it yet, but the possibility is there. Word is that Epcot could end up getting their own Disney Vacation Club Resort sometime in the future. Now, this is something that has been rumored before, but it has […]

Disney World raised its ticket prices again – Are you really going to stop going there?

Disney World tickets

Near the end of February of this year, Walt Disney World raised its ticket prices, as reported by Doctor Disney here on the site. The average increase in those ticket prices was about $5, and that isn’t a whole lot, but it certainly has a lot of people in an uproar. Believe me, I’m not […]

Disney Character Easter Egg Hunt Returning to Epcot, Disney California Adventure, Disneyland

Disney character Easter Egg Hunt

Last year, there was the Disney character Easter Egg Hunt that was brought to Epcot and Disney California Adventure. Well, it’s back for 2014, and it is now also going to be able to be played at Disneyland. During the dates of April 10-20, 2014, guests will be able to head to any of those […]

Disney Vera Bradley collection getting new design at Epcot in late Spring

Disney Vera Bradley

Another new designs is coming for the Disney Vera Bradley collection, and fans will be able to get it once it is released at Epcot in late Spring. Disney merchandise guru Steven Miller unveiled the new design on March 19, 2014, and it is going to be called “Mickey’s Perfect Petals Brunch.” It will be […]

What Retro Epcot Attraction Are You?

Retro Epcot attraction quiz

Marvel reveals first artwork for Disney comic book featuring Figment, Dreamfinder

Disney Marvel Figment comic

Marvel and Disney are putting together a series of comics that are inspired by the Disney Parks, and they will come together under the name of “Disney Kingdom.” First up is “Seekers of the Weird,” but the second series has been revealed to be based on Dreamfinder and Figment. Coming in June will be the […]

Are Anna and Elsa moving to Princess Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom?

Anna Elsa Princess Fairytale Hall

Could Anna and Elsa of Disney’s “Frozen” be heading out of Epcot and over to Princess Fairytale Hall? The rumors have been circulating for a while now, and it appears as if Disney is preparing for it. Reports have had the very popular duo heading to the Magic Kingdom from the Norway Pavilion as of […]

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