Audience Participation at Disney: Excitement or Anxiety?

Audience participation Disney

The doors close, the lights dim, and Monster of Ceremonies, Mike Wazowski takes the stage at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Nobody is safe; the more uncomfortable you appear, the more likely you draw attention to yourself. For some Guests, this show can cause some anxious feelings. Will the cameras capture your uncomfortable, stoic face on […]

A Dizzying Look at Differing Disney Attraction Names Around the World

Disney Castles

Have you ever glanced through different Disney theme park websites and brochures (or been lucky enough to visit Disney Parks in places like California, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Paris) and noticed a few odd things? For example, when Disneyland’s sister park opened in 2001, it was named, “Disney’s California Adventure,” but since 2010, it has been […]

Disney Files Permits for ‘Rivers of Light’ That Show Two Viewing Areas

Disney Rivers of Light

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is already hard at work with their new nighttime show “Rivers of Light” that is expected to debut sometime in the spring of 2016. While not everything is yet known about it, there have been some permits filed that suggest there will be at least two big viewing areas for it. WDWMagic […]

Doctor Disney Weekly Wrap-Up: CRT, VIP Tours, Extended Disney Hours, More

Doctor Disney Weekly Wrap-Up

A lot more went down this week in the world of Disney, and it happened among all parks so you’ve got to know just what went down. Here is the Doctor Disney Weekly Wrap-Up that will catch you up on everything that happened this past week. Two New VIP Tours Aimed at Thrills Now Offered […]

Two New VIP Tours Aimed at Thrills Now Offered at Walt Disney World

Disney World VIP Tours

There are some great VIP Tours at Walt Disney World, but two new ones are promising to be absolutely thrilling. One of the best things is that there will be one for families and one for the ultimate thrill-seekers. Here are the names of the two new VIP Tours: The Ultimate Day of Thrills – […]

Walt Disney World Extends Operating Hours, Switches Around Extra Magic Hours Through Rest of 2014

Walt Disney World hours 2014

If you’ve got a trip to Walt Disney World planned throughout the rest of the year at any time, make sure to check the park hours before you plan. Disney has changed up a lot of things for most of July and throughout the rest of the year that could alter where you go on […]

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Parking Lot To Be Expanded

Animal Kingdom parking lot

There is a whole lot of work happening over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom over the course of the next few years, and Disney is already anticipating much bigger crowds. With that being said, they will need more parking spots at the park and that is about to happen. The refurbishment of the Animal Kingdom parking […]

Animal Kingdom Brings New Show ‘It All Started With a Mouse’ To Guests

It All Started With a Mouse

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is undergoing a lot of changes and one of those is a brand new show called “It All Started With a Mouse.” The new show happens over at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and it brings forth the love and admiration that Walt Disney himself had for animals. This is truly something that all […]

Disney World Brings Back 20 Percent Off Merchandise Coupons on Quick Service Receipts

Disney World discount

It already happened once this this year back in March, but now it’s back. Walt Disney World has been running a great merchandise discount by putting a coupon on the bottom  of quick service restaurant receipts, and it appears to be something that they will continue. The coupons give Disney guests 20 percent off their total […]

10 Reasons Why Disney Fans Should Be More Excited About Avatar Land

AVATAR-Inspired Land Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Within the Disney community, the buzz on the unnamed Avatar Land, also known in the film as Pandora, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK) is lackluster at best. Perhaps just reading this article’s title had you groaning and shifting uncomfortably in your seat. Perhaps you had to guiltily hide that framed photo of Uncle Walt in […]

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