Disney Rumors: Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania To Be Expanded

Toy Story Mania expansion

There has been so much talk going on over the course of the past year or so, and a lot of it has been about Soarin’ at Epcot and the changes that could come to it. While it does seem that a new film is being put together, now there are rumors going around that […]

Rumors of A ‘Frozen’ Ride At Epcot Begin To Heat Up Again With Maelstrom Construction

Frozen ride Epcot

With all the news lately of rides closing – or not closing –  at Disney’s Hollywood Studios lately, the Disney rumor mill has really started to heat up. Now, the talk has turned to Epcot and rumors of a ride based on Disney’s “Frozen” is starting to heat up again. Pardon the pun. Back in […]

Is the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Great Movie Ride Closing Too? – The Truth

Indiana Jones closing

When word came out this past week that the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be closing, the rumor mill really started going nuts. All of a sudden, everyone “knew” what the plans were for DHS and also all the other attractions that would be closing. A couple of those are the Indiana Jones […]

Is a ‘Frozen’ Coronation Really On The Way the Magic Kingdom This Fall?

Frozen coronation

Ok, well the time has come once again to start talking about a coronation for Anna and Elsa of Disney’s “Frozen.” Going to say it right from the start that these are rumors and nothing is set in stone yet, but a few places including a friendly chipmunk are saying that the popular girls may be […]

Rumor: Anna and Elsa Making Their Way To Disney Cruise Line Ships

Anna Elsa Disney Cruise Line

There has been a lot of news lately about Anna and Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” including Magic Kingdom rope drop changes and extended hours at Princess Fairytale Hall. Now, there is a rather strong rumor going around that the popular duo will soon end up on the Disney Cruise Line. Back when on board the […]

Updated Rumors On Release Dates Free Disney Dining 2014

Free Disney Dining 2014

More rumors are floating around about Free Disney Dining for 2014, and it appears as if we will get the confirmed answers soon. None the less, some interesting new information has come forth since last week’s rumors, and there is talk that all dates for fall and winter could be released at once. While the […]

Rumor: Epcot Could Be Getting Its Own Disney Vacation Club Resort

Epcot DVC

An interesting rumor has been making the rounds lately, and there isn’t a whole lot of validity to it yet, but the possibility is there. Word is that Epcot could end up getting their own Disney Vacation Club Resort sometime in the future. Now, this is something that has been rumored before, but it has […]

Walt Disney World Announces Fifth Park Coming in 2018 – Days of Disney’s Past

Walt Disney World April Fool's Day

Walt Disney World has made a major announcement and it makes retro fans of the lost attractions (such as Doctor Disney himself) almost too excited to even type. Walt Disney World has revealed that a fifth park will be coming to the Orlando area, and it is going to be filled with retro attractions, restaurants, […]

Fan-Made Poster for ‘Poppins’ By Tim Burton Making The Rounds – Movie Coming?


Well, the rumors have been swirling since sometime in 2009, but there is still no validity to them, and now they are starting up again. Many actually believe that a version of “Mary Poppins” called ‘Poppins’ is actually being created by Tim Burton, but there is no real info about it anywhere. A fan made […]

Rumor: Will Walt Disney World hold a 24-hour all-nighter this year?

Disney World 24-hour all-nighter

The past two years, Walt Disney World has had a 24-hour all-nighter for those that were willing to brave out a full day (and night) at the Magic Kingdom. Now, there is a rumor going around that there will be another one later in 2014. A few sites and sources have started saying that due […]

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