‘Fancy Nancy’ Is Coming to Disney Junior By 2017

Fancy Nancy Disney Junior

The book series known as  “Fancy Nancy” is coming to the small screen and will be a part of Disney Junior by 2017. The series has been optioned by Disney Junior for development, and it’s going to be an original animated series. “Fancy Nancy” will also have her own TV movie and it is slated […]

Doc McStuffins Soon Getting Her Own Meet-And-Greet At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

doc mcstuffins dhs

Disney’s Hollywood Studios may be undergoing a number of changes, including a name change to come, but they’re going to keep adding as well. Soon, there will be a new meet-and-greet opportunity and it will be from the Disney Jr. group as Doc McStuffins will soon be in. Her regular appearances will begin this summer […]

Arrest Warrant Issued For Queen Elsa In State Of Kentucky

Elsa arrest warrant

Many people in the North and Northeast are dealing with severe winter conditions from a blizzard that dumped countless amounts of snow on them. Well, one state is doing something about it and the Harlan City Police have issued an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa of Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen. The Facebook post was put up […]

Valentine’s Day Cards For Disney Loved Ones In Our Lives

Disney Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and there is always that loved one in our life that makes it really hard to find something for. You think they have everything Disney that you could possibly imagine and therefore…you’re stuck. When in doubt, use one of these unique Disney Valentine’s Day cards to bring some love […]

What is it Like to Work At Disney?

Akershus Hot Line

“What is it like to work at Walt Disney World?” That is a very hard question to answer quickly. Just like the rest of you, I have read other accounts from ex-Cast Members. Honestly, the vast majority of the time, while reading those accounts, I have absolutely no connection to what I am reading; it […]

If Disney Characters Used Apps

Disney Ariel apps

Ah, the age of technology. What if Disney characters were as hip and savvy as we are with our iPhones and Android devices? What kind of apps would they use? Here are ten characters and how they would unrealistically spend time on their smart phones: Ariel/Pinterest – Thingamaboards? She’s got twenty. Ariel’s fascination with the […]

Disney and Marvel – A Match Made in Heaven

disney marvel

Many people were concerned about the announcement of The Walt Disney Company acquiring Marvel Entertainment. There was a lot of speculation from comic book fans thinking this could be the downfall of Marvel Comics by having Disney Channel actors star in the feature films, creating television shows more family friendly, or making the comics less hardcore. […]

VIDEO: Gaston Is Challenged To An Arm-Wrestling Match By A Little Girl

Gaston arm wrestling

Lately, Gaston has become an Internet sensation with videos of him going viral. He’s been put in his place by a young child and then defeated a Walt Disney World Guest in a push-up contest, but now there’s more. A little girl recently visited the Magic Kingdom and was listening to Gaston spout off at […]

Disney Guest Challenges Gaston To Push-Up Contest And Gets Owned


By now, you may have seen the video, but if you haven’t…you need to. A Guest went into the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and met up with Gaston. Instead of just getting his picture taken, the Guest wanted to challenge the muscle-man to a push-up contest. Well, sometimes you really just need to […]

VIDEO: Little Girl Goes Toe-To-Toe With Gaston At The Magic Kingdom

Gaston Isabella

Sometimes, we all meet our match. A video has been making the rounds lately and it shows a little girl named Isabella standing up to the villainous Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.” The chauvinistic character from one of Disney’s most iconic films appears daily at the Magic Kingdom, and he meets kids of all […]

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