Walt Disney World Discontinuing Express Bus Park-To-Park Transportation Service

It hasn’t been around for an overly long amount of time, but Walt Disney World is already discontinuing their Express Bus Transportation Service before the end of this month.

disney bus express transportation discontinued

As of Aug. 23, 2017, Disney’s Express Transportation bus service will come to an end. No official word has been given on the reasoning as to the discontinuation. One can only guess that there wasn’t enough of a call for it and Disney has decided to end its operation.

Guests will be able to purchase the Express Bus Transportation through Aug. 16, 2017, but the final day of use will be Aug. 23.

It was first brought about in December of last year and has had a few changes over the months with mostly a multi-day option and price differences being introduced. There was also an Annual Passholder option brought about for this summer.

NOTE: This is not all bus transportation or Disney’s Magical Express. The service being discontinued is the pay-for park-to-park express service.

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  1. Ridiculous. The price you pay to stay on Disney property. That was always great you park your car & you actually feel like you are on vacation.

  2. bonnie Gorgans says:

    We are very disappointed. The time, energy, and money this saves has been invaluable to our family.

  3. Catherine says:

    I was looking forward to using this! Party member with a scooter, little one with a stroller….it would have saved quite a bit of time!

  4. Tabitha Q says:

    What were these buses used for?

  5. Loved it! I go with my son by myself and he is a special kid, so this made my life so much easier. I was talking with one driver last week and he said he wasn’t entirely sure it was being cancelled since they even moved the operation to Ft Wilderness (?). A location where driving from and returning was simpler. He said the whole set up was there now and that was a big thing, it was on their own and not merged with another “office”. So I really had my hopes up that they were keeping it.

  6. You people either don’t read or are very confused

  7. Is this really buses from hotels to parks

  8. Charles Lapp says:

    What about the shuttle bus service from the resorts to the parks and back? Are they being discontinued too?

  9. Bummer. We arrive on the 26th and I made some dining and fast pass reservations with this service in mind. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. It was a fantastic idea that wasn’t publicized enough.

  10. Beverly Ombres says:

    I didn’t even know there was a “pay-for park-to-park express service”. I always took the buses and they were free. How did the pay-for service even work?

    • You paid for a bus ticket, and you were able to go to a special area INSIDE the park to queue for that bus. For example in DHS, the queue was near Rock’n Roller Coaster, and you would end up at a special part in the next park that allowed you to bypass the front gate at that park. They had one day and multi-day tickets.

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