Chef Mickey’s Relocating For A Couple Of Weeks Later This Summer

For those of you who will be dining at Chef Mickey’s later this summer, you will not be able to watch the Disney Monorail pass by overhead as you eat.

chef mickey's refurbishment

This refurbishment has been cancelled with no replacement date set up at all. All Chef Mickey reservations as of this time, will be in the normal location.

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An unexpected maintenance issue has come up and it will cause the popular character dining experience to relocate for a couple of weeks. If you’re dining at Chef Mickey’s in late June to mid-August, you’re not going to be in the main building.

Chef Mickey’s is going to temporarily relocate from the main building of Disney’s Contemporary Resort to a location inside the convention center, but the exact destination is not yet known. This relocation is set to take place beginning on July 28, 2017, and going through Aug. 13, 2017.

Please note that dates are subject to change and can without any notice. These dates are officially listed on Walt Disney World’s refurbishment schedule, but that does not mean they can’t possibly change.

Click this link for the full Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule

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