2018 Dates For Typhoon Lagoon’s Annual Refurbishment Revealed – Set To Close In January

Last month, we learned the annual refurbishment dates for Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World, and now, we know the dates for Typhoon Lagoon as well.

typhoon lagoon refurbishment 2018

Typhoon Lagoon will be closing second of the two Walt Disney World water parks this year with its annual refurbishment beginning on Jan. 7, 2018. It is set to be closed through March 17, 2018.

That means Typhoon Lagoon is tentatively scheduled to reopen on March 18, 2018.

So, now we know that Blizzard Beach will be closing first this year and it will be closed beginning Oct. 30, 2017. It is set to reopen on Jan. 7, 2018, which is the same day that Typhoon Lagoon will begin its annual refurbishment.

Please note that dates are subject to change and can without any notice. These dates are officially listed on Walt Disney World’s refurbishment schedule, but that does not mean they can’t possibly change.

Click this link for the full Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule

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