Full Review Of Three New Sundaes From Taste Track In Epcot – Berry, Apple Pie, Churro

Walt Disney World has been doing a great job lately of bringing forth some brand new snacks and treats for Guests to try. We are willing to be the test subjects for you all and that is why we headed over to Epcot to try all three of the brand new sundaes

taste track epcot sundaes

First things first is that yes, we tried and ate all three of them. Not only did it make sense from a research point of view, but they are just really that good. These sundaes are served in 12-oz. cups and spilling up over the top and over the sides at times…so, you get a lot for just $6.50.

Yes, each one is only $6.50, but enough of that…let’s see what they’re all about.

Apple Pie Sundae

We’re going to start with my favorite one, by far, and it is the Apple Pie Sundae which has plenty of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel popcorn, salted caramel pearls, and warm apple pies.

Now, when they say “warm apple pies,” they’re not talking about a sundae with chunks of apples in it. There are actually small closed apple pies stuffed into the top part of the sundaes and they are extremely good and fresh.

The salted caramel pearls are great explosions of flavor with just the right amount of salt to mix with the caramel. Add in the caramel popcorn and you are going to enjoy a bunch of things you never even knew you’d want.

I would eat this every single day.

taste track epcot sundaes

Berry Explosion Sundae

Sundae number two has the vanilla ice cream topped with berries and it does include pound cake which is at the very bottom. On top of the ice cream is also whipped cream, strawberry sauce, strawberry pearls, and a touch of cotton candy.

This is my wife’s favorite of the three sundaes and it is so very good. The strawberry sauce mixes well with the fresh strawberries and even some blueberries thrown in for extra goodness. While there isn’t a lot of cotton candy, it is fun and adds an extra touch of sweetness to the whole thing.

Those strawberry pearls are one of my favorite things and they are firm reminders of the awesome strawberry cupcakes from Be Our Guest.

While some may see this one as a regular strawberry sundae, the additional toppings add so much more to it, and please…PLEASE do not forget the pound cake at the bottom. Everything on top soaks into it to give it so much more flavor, but do not forget it is down there as it’s one of the best parts.

taste track epcot sundaes

Choclaty Churro Sundae

Option number three in the new sundaes is by no means bad at all, but it was our least favorite of the trio. Included with the vanilla ice cream in this one is hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate curls, and a churro.

In case you’re wondering – and we know you are – that is indeed a regular-sized churro which is cut in half. Churros are usually $4-4.50 and here, you get one of those with a lot more for all of $2 more.

Essentially, this is a hot fudge sundae with some extra chocolate on top, but the churro is what sets it apart from the normal humdrum sundaes.

taste track epcot sundaes

Let it be known that these sundaes are big…BIG in size and can easily be split by two people. The Apple Pie Sundae had three of the mini apple pies while the Churro Sundae had a churro split in two with a half for whoever is eating it with you.

I’m sorry, but for $6.50, these sundaes are one of the best snack deals in all of Walt Disney World.

Taste Track is located right on the Mouse Gear side of Test Track and it opens at 12:30 p.m. each day, and it has some other items on the menu as you can see below.

taste track epcot sunda

Stay tuned for more Disney food reviews coming in the near future and don’t forget to check out our recent reviews of the Cheshire Cat Tails and the Trio of Macarons.

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