Splash Mountain Closing For Nearly Three Months Starting In Late Summer

Even though the refurbishment for Splash Mountain is typically reserved for the first few months of each year, Disney is doing things differently in 2017.

splash mountain 2017 refurbishment

Splash Mountain is going to undergo a near three-month refurbishment starting in late summer and running deep into the fall. It has been a while since a major closure like this has taken place for Splash Mountain, but obviously, it needs it.

The refurbishment of Splash Mountain will begin on Aug. 28, 2017, and it is scheduled to run through Nov. 16, 2017. It is tentatively scheduled to reopen to Guests on Nov. 17, 2017.

Please note that dates are subject to change and can without any notice. These dates are officially listed on Walt Disney World’s refurbishment schedule, but that does not mean they can’t possibly change.

Click this link for the full Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule

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  1. Would be nice if it was more handicap accessible. It’s hard getting in and out.of the log.

  2. Awww man this will be my 3rd trip to disney and I have yet to ride splash mountain, we have a trip planned in Oct this bums me out m, I was yelling my wife we have to do this first thing.

    Seats guess I’ll have to wait another whole year for this one.

  3. Make it into an emperors new groove ride!!! “Pull the lever!” “Wrong lever!!!”

  4. Jeanmarie Mosiej Brown says:

    I will be there in September 2017 this upsets me because taking my granddaughter there for the first time. I probably won’t be back after this trip as I’m getting older and my health is not the best. Really hate that we will not be able to ride this ride together 😢 I was there in September 2015 with some of my other grandchildren and we missed the Pirates of the Caribbean because it was under refurbishment 😢 I realize they need to do this type of repair and refurbishment or the park would not stay open why does it always have to be when I am there.?

  5. I’m so bummed about this! We went two years ago when my youngest was 2 (almost 3), and she couldn’t ride SM because she was less than 1/2 an inch too short. We just booked our return trip for this September, and now she won’t get to ride it again! 🙁 Of course, it’s an excuse to go back (who needs an excuse?), but I’m so sad for her that she won’t get to ride this year!

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