Show #13: The Spookiness Of Club Villain – Is It Really Worth The Price?

It’s time again for another episode of “The Doctor Disney Podcast,” and yes, it’s the Christmas season, but that doesn’t mean the villains hide when the trees come out. Club Villain was recently extended through January but is worth all the price and does it live up to the hype?

club villain

This week’s episode if one that talks about an event that has received a lot of attention this year but it has also brought about many questions. Club Villain started as a limited-time engagement at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it has proved popular enough for a return engagement and then a lengthy extension.

Karen and Jeff recently visited Club Villain to experience the food, music, characters, and atmosphere that are promised with the experience. This week on the podcast, we discuss their time at the special event that is indeed one you will have to book in advance.

Currently, Club Villain only has dates through January, but with its popularity rising, it could always be extended again. The thing is…will it really keep getting more popular? Is it truly worth the money?


club villain

Jeff, Karen, and I talk about all of that on this week’s episode of “The Doctor Disney Podcast.” For those that listened to last week’s show, you are aware that my wife Stacey is working on her recovery to return as the fourth member of our roundtable and we hope to have her back soon.

Stay tuned as we will deliver our Christmas/Holiday season show of “The Doctor Disney Podcast” soon.

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  1. Disney is missing a huge opportunity with villains; they are more popular than they realize. I think they should have their own land; maybe take Tom Sawyer’s island and make it a villain town, play it off of “The descendants”.

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