Show #9: How Did Walt Disney World And Disney Cruise Line Handle Hurricane Matthew?

A couple of weeks ago, we here on “The Doctor Disney Podcast” got together to discuss what Disney would do with Hurricane Matthew approaching. It gave a lot of helpful information moving forward, but a few of us actually got to experience that last week and we’re here to tell you just how everything was handled…on land and at sea.

hurricane matthew walt disney world disney cruise line

Believe it or not, three of the four members of “The Doctor Disney Podcast” happened to be in Disney Destinations during Hurricane Matthew, and got to experience things first-hand.

Karen was visiting Walt Disney World at the time and she saw how things were with park closures and some big-time weather coming in. She shares her experience in dealing with the crowds, the other Guests, and how Disney handled food, entertainment, and more during the hurricane.

Stacey and I happened to be on the Disney Dream during this whole thing and yes, we were on the Disney Cruise Line sailing which was extended by two nights. Fear had set in, at times, as we wondered how bad the weather or waves would get from Hurricane Matthew.

Well, we also discuss our experience and how DCL handled a first-time situation for the Disney Dream.

We here at “The Doctor Disney Podcast” would like to offer our sincerest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Our hearts are with you during this trying time of loss and only hope for the best moving forward.

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  1. Tammy Bernier says:

    Carribean Beach was horrible and so unprepared sooooooo disappointed nothing like this podcast is saying

    • Steven schneider says:

      It was a hurricane…….am I correct. One of mother nature’s earth altering events and you were hope they would have the beach prepared for you. Oh my god to think you were the sperm that won the race.

  2. Richard McKinlay says:

    We were staying at Coronado springs at the time. I understand its not their fault, but I was very disappointed with the complete lack of communication from the staff. Most people at the hotel will never have experienced a hurricane and so we didn’t know what was going to happen. I would have expected some notice boards, maybe a letter through the door or some information on the TV to explain what you were meant to do. We were due to check out of our hotel on the Friday to move to Port Orleans but it was so unclear if we had to stay or were allowed to move – we had to wait and ask people or check sites like this for information. Communication could have been much better.

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