Marvel’s Spider-Man And Thor Joining Meet-And-Greets On Disney Magic

Captain America joined the Disney Cruise Line for meet-and-greets when he hopped aboard the Disney Magic, but now he’s getting some company. Other Marvel characters have joined the fleet and are now meeting with sailing Guests.

Captain America first joined the Disney Magic back in 2013 after it was re-imagined and the Marvel Avengers Academy was put in.

Disney Cruise Line Blog reported that both Thor and Spider-Man are now on the Disney Magic and joined for sailings through the Norwegian Fjords. The meet-and-greets with times are listed in the Navigators for the 7-night.

thor disney magic marvel

spider-man disney magic


These photos came via the Instagram user dvandenr.

With the additions of Spider-Man and Thor, it would not be surprising to see more Marvel characters eventually join the meet-and-greets on the ships.

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