Rumors have a Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Coronation Coming Soon to the Magic Kingdom

Disney's Frozen coronationThere have been a lot of rumors swirling around about Disney’s “Frozen” with some coming true (Anna and Elsa moving) and some still waiting on the side (Frozen ride). Now, there is a new rumor in the mix and it’s about a possible coronation coming soon to the Magic Kingdom.

Everyone has seen the pictures circling around the Internet – including on the Doctor Disney Facebook page – of the Cinderella Castle turrets in a silver color. By now, it has also been revealed that the silver is simply a primer and waterproofing for the normal blue color.

Now, word going around – and from a source of mine – states that the Magic Kingdom could be preparing for a Disney’s “Frozen” coronation.”

Anna and Elsa are officially moving from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, and their first meet-and-greet in Princess Fairytale Hall is on April 20, 2014.

Could it be that their induction into the Disney Princess family will be happening at the same time? Could it be that Cinderella Castle is being primped and primed for a soon-to-be coronation?

In early May of last year, Merida had her official coronation as a Disney Princess. It may be time for the ladies of Disney’s “Frozen” to have the same come to them.

Let it be known that this has not been confirmed, but stay tuned to Doctor Disney to see if it really will soon be coronation day!


  1. Disney says there is no coronation planned. Can you confirm or refute this? I got the information from an organization with strong ties to Disney, so I’d think they’d be in the know, but still, any additional information would be appreciated.

    • While rumored, this is information referred to me by a few Disney sources of mine, of which I cannot reveal. Nothing is confirmed as is stated in the article.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I’m really upset because I am unable to find recent information about a possible coronation… Can someone please help me or direct me somewhere more recent?

  3. Nkenge Jones says:

    What about Elsa? She is technically a queen. Is she going to being demoted to princess?

  4. Merida and Rapunzel were perfectly cast.
    But Elsa and Anna? Not so much… I’m really not pleased with the actresses chosen. 🙁
    I took my kids to Disney, and they didn’t seem to pleased either. (and they’re under 7 years old)
    Other than that, I’m really hoping to get more info on this Coronation. And I’m curious to see what they do with Queen Elsa, since she isn’t a Princess. Curiouser and Curiouser…

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