Hidden things from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – You won’t believe who is in it

Disney's FrozenDisney’s “Frozen” opens today – Nov. 27, 2013 – and it is already looking like it will be an instant hit. Some are saying it is the best Disney animated film in literally decades, and I’d be inclined to agree.

But as always, there is more to Disney than meets the eye. Let it be known that there will be NO SPOILERS dealing with the plot or outcome of “Frozen,” but there will be information given on other aspects of the film such as hidden characters.

Again, if you don’t want to know anything about Disney’s “Frozen,” then stop reading now and go on over to my non-spoiler review of the film.

Alright, there are bound to be a lot more revealed as time goes on, but so far, these are the only three that have been located as far as I know. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get screenshots of them all, but it’d be great if anyone can help.

First and foremost, one of the most awesome hidden gems from “Frozen” is that another Disney Princess makes a quick appearance in it. Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled” does show up very quickly and you can check out the screenshots below as proof.

Look in the bottom left corner of the three frames and you’ll see Rapunzel, but with her brown hair. In the third frame (far right), it also looks like Flynn Ryder may be walking with her, but personally…I’m not entirely sure that’s him.

The scene happens during the second song, “First Time In Forever,” when Anna and Elsa are opening up the gates. Once Anna walks through the gates and starts going through the crowd, Rapunzel appears for all of three seconds.

So far, I’ve also found two Hidden Mickeys in the film or at least what appear to be them and they both happen later in the film as the guards head to find Elsa.

While standing outside the ice palace, a giant snow-covered rock sits behind some of the guards and part of it that is not covered in snow shows an elongated Mickey Mouse head. It is shown a couple of times but in quick fashion.

Another possible Hidden Mickey appears in ice when one of the guards attempts to get at Elsa. An ice wall is created in front of him and Mickey’s head seems to appear quickly in the forming ice.

As always, these are up for interpretation at the time, and may not even be there at all, but they’re fun to look for. As for Rapunzel? If that isn’t supposed to be her…she sure has a twin in Arendelle.


  1. Ana Kurland says:

    Did you see Oswald in the Mickey short before the film? That was very cute.

  2. Olaf dreaming of summer time the white puff flowerrs he walk thru turns Mickey ears 😉

  3. Rapunzel and Flynn were both confirmed by the director of Tangled. Though apparently he had to ask around and find out from people who worked on the cameo scene to be sure.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the awesome Tangled find in Disney’s newest film “Frozen”! Did you also notice that in the painting gallery during “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” that the painting “The Swing” is shown? Anna actually bounces on one of the viewing couches and pretends that she is a part of the painting. While this may not be an easy spot, or even a significant one for some, “The Swing” is actually one of the inspirations that led to the animation techniques used for Disney’s Tangled. Just thought it was a fun Disney spotting!

  5. Just something cool I noticed: In the original fairy tale by hans christian anderson, the main characters are Kai and Gerda. In the credits, there are two characters by those names as well!

  6. I saw the HM in the ice with the guard scene, Hubby missed it. I thought I was crazy but I’m glad not the only one who saw it.

  7. nottellinglol says:

    Did you notice the one in the shop?

  8. I found many HM’s in Frozen. Some (2) are made in the swirls of snow as Elsa starts to let her power flow. One in the first set of swirls dancing around her . Then the next is on the left side as she starts to make the stair case of ice. The plush Mickey in the shop. Also in Olaf’s dream of summer , the Hm is on his left side by his foot. Also if you look at all the snow flakes (with the faces in them) in the main menu of the dvd there are 3 HM’s in Olaf’s snow flake,. The one over the guards heads is kind of a stretch but it might be seen as a HM. I know there has to be more. Good luck finding them . Ummm did anyone else see all the carved bears, the target and the waterfall from Brave also? And yes that was Rapunzel and Flynn. I caught that in the theater.

  9. Did anyone spot the hidden Mickey doll on the top left bookshelf when the ‘older child’ Anna is singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” ??? Right after she talks to the ‘Jane’ painting…

  10. Elizabeth Pierce says:

    One thing that I can’t confirm but notice is the women during the coronation ball. First of all I wondered why so many of the men and women are so uhm… fluffy. Then I realized the people that made Tangled and Wreck It Ralph also made this movie. (Two of my faves btw). Back to my point the large women all dancing are actually taller wider versions of the female nicelanders in Wreck it Ralph. Their facial proportions are evened out and they just made them human size. Since all these people worked on all these movies they are able to pull bits and pieces from wherever they can so as to save time and money. In most of the new animated movies the creators work off of just a few basic body shapes and head shapes then mix and match noses, eyes and the like to easily make a hoard of people. Ive seen the mix and match concept on the Brave BD extras. Well I feel like I’m rambling maybe if someone confirms my idea they could email me? And just a quick note I deal with depression and this movie is spot on in kind of giving people a look at what we go through. I bet all people can say they relate to it for different reasons. But in the theater watching the first time, when Anna says “Okay byeeee” while singing snowman, I had ti leave becausr I was crying so bad. I always stay hidden so as not to lash out and hurt anyone and one bad day I wasn’t feeling well and that’s what my son said as he walked away sad that I wouldn’t play.
    This is one of Disneys most incredible movies ever. Kudos to all involved in ifs creation. I hope to one day, when I’m not sick anymore, sing this song for my friends and family and be proud of who I am for once

    • Laura Tovey says:

      You should always be proud of who you are. I too have depression (among a lot of other health issues) and cried my eyes out at the “Okay bye.” part. I hate that my issues effect my kids, but kids are resilient and yours loves you no matter what you are struggling with. I have very bad days but I try to remember that I didn’t choose this and neither did you.

  11. Anonymous Reader says:

    There are lots of Easter Eggs featured in Disneys Frozen. In the First Time in forever
    Song, the glass window from Disneys Beauty and The Beast is Featured.
    The Beast, Belle and The Rose was in that glass window.
    But my Theory is, Tangled and Frozen are completely believable as for which
    They featured in eachothers movie, but how come Ariel was made before Tangled and Frozen
    And she Rumaged through the ship. Questions?
    And another Hidden Mickey is did you know that when Anna put chocolate in her mouth,
    The chocolate scenery is rom Disneys other smash hit Wreck It Ralph.
    Any othed Hidden Mickeys?

  12. Sarah Glenn says:

    In the ball scene where anna introduces the prince to elsa in the background princess Tiana and her husband are there she’s in her green dress

  13. Faith Coralson says:

    Did anyone see Arial In the water?Or that another HM is in Wandering Oakan’s trading post on
    the shelf packed with book’s:

  14. When the trolls say get the fionsay out the way makes Hans go cray

  15. Princess_Disney_Lover says:

    I have seen those things too! But I guess Disney can use those things because they made those characters in their own movies. BTW has anyone else broke out in tears ( or was just sad) when Elsa’s ice destroyed Olaf?

  16. crazy girl 3000 says:

    Did you guys see it is hard to see but when Anna is singing “Do you want to build a snowman” they show lots of people they show Tiana from princess and the frog.

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