Two more Walt Disney World trip scams make it to Facebook

Disney World scamLadies and gentlemen, there are even more Walt Disney World vacation scams that have made their way onto Facebook, and they are doing their best to get access to your profiles and information. There was the “Walt Disney Land” and the “Delta Airlines.” pages up, but they are both gone entirely…and now, there are more.

The two newest pages are just as obvious scams as the others, but here is Doctor Disney to warn you about them. Please pass the word on to others and let them know as well.

The first one is called Walt Disney World. and it is right on Facebook.

Notice the period at the end there? That’s not the end of a sentence, but the way the title of the page is written. This page is actually gutsy enough to call themselves the “official Facebook page of the Walt Disney World Resort!” Don’t trust it. They even took the same profile pic of the official Disney page.

It’s a scam and will likely be gone in a few days.

The second page is called Walt Disney World Usa and that’s just the most blatant scam that I’ve seen. It also has a URL  stating “worldoffun” which is another poor attempt at getting every sucked in.

Folks…don’t LIKE these pages. Don’t share their photos. Don’t be scammed by what they are offering because they aren’t true.

Here are some things to look for on Facebook to figure out if the contest is legit or not:

  • Check the actual name of the page and the URL – Usually there are misspellings or added punctuation since they are not “official.”
  • Look at the date founded for the page.
  • Look to see if the page has actually posted anything else at all. If they haven’t, it’s a fake.
  • Check to see the contest rules. If they don’t have any, it’s a fake.
  • Ask yourself, is The Walt Disney Company actually sponsoring this giveaway? If not, then there is a 99.99% chance that it is a scam. You will know if Disney is behind it because there will be all kinds of rules, regulations, and disclaimers.
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