Family suing Disneyland saying the White Rabbit is racist

A family from San Diego is suing Disneyland, claiming that the theme park character, The White Rabbit, disregarded their children because they are black. According to the reports from Feb. 7, 2013, Jason and Annelia Black aren’t too happy with the character from “Alice in Wonderland.”

The couple states that the character ignored their two sons and their cousins during a trip to Disneyland in August. The Black family then states that the White Rabbit “showered” affection a group of white kids.

“Regardless of whether the guy in the costume was a racist – I don’t know who he is or if he’s white – the way he behaved, he was treating my clients differently,” the family’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, told the Daily News.

“And the only thing that was different about them was that they were black.”

Disneyland has yet to comment on the incident, but they will.

The family states that they had visited the park weeks earlier and the White Rabbit, their son’s favorite character, did not ignore them. Their August 11th trip was different though.

“The rabbit was turning his back on (my brother) like he didn’t even want to touch him,” Elijah Black, 9, told KSAZ-TV. “I went up to try to hold his hand but he kept on flicking my hand off.”

The younger child, Jason Black Jr., 6, says he went to hug the White Rabbit, “but he turned his back.”

Disneyland officials received complaints from the Black family and were shown photos of the White Rabbit hugging and posing other children, but ignoring those in the Black family.

Disneyland offered the family VIP passes worth $500 in exchange for signing a settlement per Gilleon, the family turned them down. The Black family wants Disney to fire the employee and they want an apology for ignoring their complaint.

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